I can't remember the exact moment when I first felt interest for photography. My movement toward it was subconscious. My curiosity changed into the urge to explore it at first and into devotion later. By that time I was studying management in Pune, India according to my parents' advice. But my life there seemed to be senseless. I felt I chose a wrong path. The city was rejecting me. Gladly, it was mutual. I had to start anew. So I took my chance and started with Photography side by side with a local group called Photowox. There my attitude to photography began to form.

Namely it helped me to understand Photography as a tool to explore and to become aware of ambient reality, to fix connections between the outside and the inside and to escape from my own doubts.

One of the most fruitful moments there was my acquaintance with Mohsin Mohd and Anis Shaiekh, who was my friend at first and then became my mentor. It was he who taught me composition at a photo walk and who conducted a seminar on Composition and Post Processing. There I knew about destinies and works of leading masters of photography, such as Edward Weston, Steve McCurry, etc. All these events in aggregate have influenced me by giving guidelines in the infinite space of photography. Thereby I was learning to consider, to analyse and to deduce facts from things I had seen and had experienced. I started to treat myself as someone who looks at the world through lens of a camera.

Since the autumn of 2009, along with weekly individual classes with Mohsin Sir and Anis Sir. I have been working a lot creating photographic series on different issues. The weekly review of my work, as much as our discussions about problems of photography, has become an integral part of our classes. I try to analyse every phenomenon that touches me with a help of a camera. So I explore its abilities and try to understand what photography is to me. Undoubtedly, I am at the very beginning that is full of uncertainty and self-criticism. Sometimes it hampers the process, but eventually helps me by making me think reason and work harder. With the lapse of time the sphere of issues and phenomena I wanted to explore by camera started to form. My own character and personal experience played the main role there.

Another object that has been exciting me more from year to year is Fashion. Word fashion puts me into my dream world. For me fashion isn’t finite, it got no limits, it’s a vast colourful cloud of scattered thoughts & imagination to make things look prettier & full of emotions when got put together by a Creative Mind that psyche our mind. And I want to be that Creative Mind. Fashion is my every moment which I had been wondering about since I was kid. I had been with fashion every moment even hour. Every time by giving thought on my dressing, looking at others & thinking of their moods by the way they get dressed. To persuade fashion as part of my daily life, I started doing my own Fashion Photoshoot, which gave me a vector path & organize my scattered Fashion Cloud & bring it into reality. During my learning from local group called Photowox, Mr. Mohsin Mohd (Fashion Photographer) and Mr. Anis Shaiekh (Photographer at 500px-World’s Leading Photography site) was my mentor. I started scribbling my thoughts into papers & started positively criticizing & appreciating my Fashion Cloud & became happy to see fashion turning out as my passion. 

My life has been one of commitment and focused intention. I am now ready to take on the challenges posed in the relevance of Photography, fully understanding that directly or indirectly, I am responsible for the welfare of the society in which I live. I foresee and understand the many roadblocks in this field, but I have immense faith in my ability to successfully move forward undaunted.