Andaman is known for its astounding beaches, but that is not all. The history of the tribes, the settlers who migrated years ago, and the Jurassic era kind of forests and not to forget the clear blue waters, Andaman is a backpacker's paradise. Seen here is one such brilliant blue beach of Little Andaman. Far off from the beloved mountains and Himalayas, I took a chance by visiting the Tropical islands of Andaman this March. I am not a beach person; neither do I know how to swim so I went there with mixed feelings. But I had the most rocking time ever. No kidding! This is what I perceived during these 7 days.

However, before that, let me gloat about the bragging rights I acquired after visiting some of the most exotic and remote islands of Emerald Isles!
My first stop after landing in Port Blair we headed straight to a quaint little island which still has managed to retain its charms yet offering enough comforts to the travelers, it was a good place to start getting used to the island culture before I headed to the more remote parts. But that didn't stop me from shooting the stars though. The resorts located off the beaches, make star gazing and sunset viewing amazingly suitable!
Milky Way seen through the fishing boat in Neil Island, Andaman. The nights are clear without any light pollution. A 30 Min ride from the beach showed me this view. It was pitching dark and I was alone with the camera. I fought the terrible temptation of running back at the coast, the scuttling noises of the hermit crab weren’t soothing, and it only scared me more. But when my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I saw the stars above and all of that I dreaded vanished.

We stayed at Tango Resort almost at the southern tip of the island. It was a lovely property and 10 minutes’ walk to the white sandy shore which took us to the sunset point at the southernmost tip. But the sad thing was the sun seated early which hardly gave us enough time to enjoy the scenery. But the moon gave us good company.

In Pursuit of TranquilityIn Pursuit of Tranquility

The bright & sunny morning next day dispelled a lot of our worries and saw us rushing towards the jetty for inter-island ferries leaving from Neil Island. We boarded MV Kamorta, a ship sailing from Rangat to Port Blair in Middle Andaman with stopovers at Havelock islands on the way. We reached Havelock at about 9.00 am. Havelock Island, located 54 Kms. from Neil Islands, is known for its pristine beaches, lush green rain forest and exotic marine life. As soon as we reached Havelock islands, we straightaway went to Radhanagar beach, located at the western part of the island. On our way, we saw these mangroves trees near the beach with calm waters.
Radhanagar, rated the best beach in Asia by the Time magazine, is a breathtaking combination of silver sands, crescent forming hillocks and green vegetation all around! The is crystal clear and the waves so gentle, they were hardly carrying any sand with them. We spent full day in the sea; we saw some really beautiful colours in the sky in the evening as the as the sun had set behind the clouds; we felt dead-tired and deserved some sleep after a long day.
Chidiya Tapu, also known as "Sunset Point" and "Bird Island," is one of the best places to see the sunset in Port Blair. The beach is located on the Southern tip of South Andaman Island. The beach gives you a sense of relaxation. This beach is small in size flanked with sea walls. Dotted with green mangroves and peaceful forest, it is a perfect place for nature lovers. The place is also famous for its 46 varieties of endemic birds, white spotted deer and seasonal orchids. The road traverses through dense jungle/rainforest that opens up along the coastline in a few places. There are "beware of crocodile" signs along the way, and the sign on the beach at Chidiya Tapu reads "Beware: Crocodile Infested Beach." While Chidiya Tapu is probably the best sunset spot accessible from Port Blair, the horizon is obstructed by the hills of Rutland Island across the bay. As a result, the best colors are visible after 30 to 45 minutes after the sun dips below the hilly horizon.



Frozen theme started with a concept of doing something different in a shoot which we had never done before. I got inspired by Kristy Mitchell's wonderland theme and then thought of doing a something similar theme with lots of creative stuffs. So we decided to do a frozen theme and as winter also started. We searched the internet and found some good photographers work on frozen theme and then we made our mood boards depending upon those photos and after studying them, me and my friend decided to focus on only the creative head-gears and makeup. since it was a frozen theme, the makeup was white and silver and bluish colors. we decided to do the shoot on the a Saturday and till the last moment our models were not finalized. we were getting enough problems for models. we meet around 30 models for this shoot and then we finalized the three in them. we got our 60+ profiles when we first posted the requirement on internet. Meeting each and everyone and telling them what we are doing exactly was an another experience. Our concept, our theme, our ideas were something out of the box and we wanted them to understand each and everything nicely and give their 100% on the shoot, because without knowing the model what she has to do on the shoot or which pose she have to give the shoot wont be perfect. Finally the shoot day arrived, everyone was excited and me already tensed. we started at 9 am in the morning with the makeup and everything till the makeup was happening me and my colleague we were busy checking the lighting arrangement.  

Our first model was a fresher but she gave beautiful poses and it was an beautiful shoot. Our other models were the regular so they also gave good shots.  So finally take a look at the Mood boards and then the final shots at the Fashion and Beauty Page.

Frozen theme Moodboards Frozen theme Moodboards Frozen theme Moodboards Frozen theme Moodboards



There’s something magical about the light and touch that takes us into a more peaceful place. It’s like summertime is free spirited, and then light comes and touches us and brings this energy that calms our spirits and guides us into a deeper place. It makes us wanna be all cozy and warm and inspired. I put together some of my favorite things that we used for the creative fashion and beauty shoot about Midas touch, so check them out: Maple golden leaves, Golden shimmer, Sparkles, Broken pieces of mirror, Plywood, Golden color, Metallic gold spray, Shimmer nails, Golden Sequins, Dark lipsticks, Golden eyelashes.