Photography is one of the most important aspects of my life and recently I have been thinking more about what it really means to me. For me, I believe it is a way to express myself and it’s more about creating art that creates a deeper meaning. Photography connects us to the real world in the most unique way.

Photography also gives me creative fulfilment. It helps me express myself artistically, and that’s a wonderful thing. Creativity is a major part of my life. Creativity is strongly linked with purpose. I enjoy making beautiful images, from the time I go out with my camera through to processing the images in Lightroom or Photoshop. It’s a good feeling when those images are used and you get some appreciation of your creativeness. Photography also gives me a reason to travel and explore new places. Most people get the pleasure of memorable experiences when they travel somewhere new or go on holiday. I also get to put my creativity, and my love for photography, into action. Photography also helps me meet new people. Some of those people are online contacts; some are people that I’ve met in real life. Some of these are people interested in photography; some are models who have gone on to become friends. This has helped make my life more interesting, and I’m grateful for that. On a deeper level photography helps me see the beauty in the world. I feel awe when I see other people’s beautiful photos. It creates an awareness of just how big, diverse and beautiful our planet is. It inspires me by giving me ideas about places I’d like to travel to in the future, or photos that I’d like to take for me.